Orchiata #5 Power bark chips for orchid potting
A close up of Orchiata #5 Power bark chips
Orchiata #5 Power bark chips with a marker to show size
Mini bag of Orchiata #5 Power with label
Orchiata #5 Power - Orchid Potting Mix - gallon

Orchiata #5 Power - Orchid Potting Mix - gallon

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A great size between seedling and medium size.. at 1/2" (9-12mm) it's great for smaller cattleya, encyclia, epidendrium... very nice.

I am starting to really love this stuff... it wets beautifully and stays moist without staying wet.. just what orchids love. And not having to mix it? That's a great thing... I use it right from the bag.. no pre-wetting required.. makes potting a dream!

This gallon bag gallon will way overflow an 8" bulb pan.

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Michael Hillner

Works great for bigger pots. Thanks for packaging well and shipping promptly.

Kevin Donohue
Orchid Roots Love Orchiata

This is a medium grade - I use this mixed with the #7 grade, charcoal and sponge rock for Cattleyas in 4" to 8" pots. Orchiata encourages root growth and it lasts for years, so the roots can go a long time without being disturbed. I often find I can pot on, which is also good for the roots.

Paul Hein
Best shop ever

My orchids thrive in flat part to Quarter Acre Orchids

This is my second order. I'm very happy with this mix.

This is my second order. I'm very happy with this mix. It makes me want to repot! Nice mix of sizes. A+


Very good potting media. Shipping fast.