Orchiata #5 Power bark chips for orchid potting
A close up of Orchiata #5 Power bark chips
Orchiata #5 Power bark chips with a marker to show size
Mini bag of Orchiata #5 Power with label

Orchiata #5 Power - two sizes

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A great size between seedling and medium size.. at 1/2" (9-12mm) it's great for smaller cattleya, encyclia, epidendrium... very nice.

I am starting to really love this stuff... it wets beautifully and stays moist without staying wet.. just what orchids love. And not having to mix it? That's a great thing... I use it right from the bag.. no pre-wetting required.. makes potting a dream!

I now offer two sizes, a gallon size and a mini size.    The gallon will way overflow an 8" bulb pan, and the mini is just enough for one 5" slotted pot (or anything smaller).