Let's face it.. shipping has gotten ridiculous.  It's all SUPER expensive and just getting worse.  Rates have been increased at least three time since the pandemic  - for all carriers!   The post office has switched to dimensional shipping, which means that the bigger the box, the more it's going to cost.. even if it's the same weight as a smaller box... they have also recently included surcharges for larger boxes.. from $1 to $15 (!!) in addition to the actual shipping cost.   It's frustrating for you and it's really frustrating for me.

And because there doesn't seem to be a reasonable app available that will do dimensional shipping for those of us who recycle boxes, and use a different size each time, I'm sort of winging it with shipping calculations.   I have tried to get as close as I can to accurate, but I will be way off on some calculations I know.

But what I can tell you is this:

  • I will refund shipping overages calculated on your order. 
  • I'm happy to give you a real shipping amount prior to completing your order and charging you anything.   Please don't hesitate to ask.
  • I will pack your order in the smallest box I can, and still protect the contents from breakage.
  • I will ship the most economical way I can using one of the following tracked methods.   
    • USPS Ground Advantage (new for 2023 and a combination of first class and parcel post)
    • USPS Priority Mail
    • FedEx ground home delivery
    • USP ground

If you need something shipped using a particular carrier (or not using a particular carrier), please let me know this at the time of check out.  And if you have any questions about shipping, please let me know that as well!