8" clear round plastic bulb pan for orchid growing
8" round clear plastic bulb pot for use in orchid growing
The bottom of an 8" clear round bulb pan showing the drainage holes
An 8" clear round plastic orchid bulb pot from the side

8" round clear bulb pan for orchids

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Now here is a bulb pan that's starting to get generous in its size! 8" across the top, 6.75" across the bottom and 4" deep.  This bulb pan is great for orchids, which photosynthesize through their roots, as it's clear and allows the sunshine into the root mass.

It's also most excellent for orchids that grow quickly into specimens instead of going from a 6" regular pot to a monstrous 8" regular pot, go from the 6" to this, and watch your orchids thrive!

Pan is shallow enough to allow excellent air flow around orchid roots.