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Mist Maker ultrasonic atomizer - single disk

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Orchids love humidity, but in a home with force air heat and summer air conditioning, the humidity tends to be quite low.  Adding a Mist Maker to your growing area can improve humidity and lead to happier and healthier orchids.  

This mist maker has a single disk, but still puts out a surprising amount of mist.  It measures about 1.25" across and about 1.5" tall (with the sensor).   Submerge in a pan of water so that the sensor is covered and watch the mist form.    I like to add a little muffin fan nearby to force the mist toward my plant area.

When the disk becomes dirty and the mist production lessens, please clean the disk with a soft cloth or cotton swab.   When cleaning no longer helps, the disk will need to be replaced with a replacement disk.

NOTE: please do not leave this mist maker unattended, and insure that the sensor is always covered with water.  This mist maker tends to bubble and spew droplets, in addition to the fine mist, so avoid placing it on anything that can't get wet.   I have float guards on order to allow these to go into a deeper pan, and which will guard against splashes, but they haven't arrived yet.   Stay tuned!