aliflor clay balls for growing orchids
clay leca balls for growing orchids

Medium clay pebbles - gallon

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Clay pebbles (also known as Aliflor, Leca or Hydroton) are little light weight expanded clay balls that can be used alone to grow orchids which appreciate extreme drainage, or can be added to any orchid mix for added drainage and moisture retention. They are also great for hydroponic growing.

Since they are made of clay, they do not break down! The little balls are irregular in shape and measure about 1/2" to 3/4".. some are glommed together so a bit larger as well. Because of their shape they do not compact together.

It is recommended that all clay pebbles, independent of brand, be soaked overnight and rinsed thoroughly prior to use to wash away any remaining chemicals used in the production process.

1 loose gallon