Extra Fine Coconut Husk Orchid Potting Mix - gallon
extra fine coconut husk orchid mix
Extra Fine Coconut Husk Orchid Potting Mix - gallon

Extra Fine Coconut Husk Orchid Potting Mix - gallon

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Offering a new Extra Fine size coconut husk mix.. the same wonderful qualities of the larger size coconut husk mixes, with even more moisture retention. Extra Fine is just that.. it’s super fine and has such a wonderful feel. I love to stick my hands in it and just scootch them around. Yum! I mix the extra fine chips with medium perlite and fine charcoal only.. to add aeration and sweetness, but not take away from the properties of the coconut husk.

I use this for super small seedlings, or seedling that are struggling to thrive in a larger mix. It’s also great for compots of newly deflasked orchids, as you can leave them in their compot until they are ready to pot up… that may be a year, it may be three! The coconut husk mix will last a long time.

Coconut husk is also a renewable resource, which comes from the otherwise wasted husk of a coconut. It is very long lasting and slow to break down. This means repotting only every 4 or 5 years, instead of every one or two!

Gallon bag holds enough Extra Fine Coconut Husk mix to fill 10 of our 4" round pots.

Extra fine.. Super!

1 gallon