9" ultra clear round orchid pot - COMING SOON!

9" ultra clear round orchid pot - COMING SOON!

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Coming SOON!  (hopefully by mid-April or sooner).  Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of their arrival - we promise not to spam you!


This ultra clear round plastic pot is absolutely perfect for large orchids, such as mature Oncidium, and Cattleya.   It's spectacularly clear and extremely sturdy.  With smooth sides and a slightly rolled lip, it's also aesthetically pleasing and perfect for the indoor grower. 

There are 8 drainage holes in the bottom and the pot itself is raised up on four little feet, allowing water to drain away.   It measures 9" across the top, 6.4" across the bottom and is 8.3" tall.   

Try Orchiata #7 Super in this pot for happy orchids!