8 inch tall adjustable metal ring stake for plants
side view showing the adjustable ring on the top of a metal ring stake
an 8 inch tall adjustable ring stake attached to a plastic flower pot
a fully expanded ring on the top of an 8 inch adjustable ring stake for plants
an 8 inch adjustable ring stake attached to a clear plastic orchid pot

8" adjustable ring stake

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Adjustable ring stakes are a great tool for helping keep orchid plants upright in their pots, or for training new growing psuedobulbs to grow in an upright fashion!  They are also handy when repotting an orchid that is lacking in roots, as they keep the plant steady as the new roots grow.   

The ring stake clips onto the side of plastic pots with a traditional rim, but can be modified to work with clay!    The ring on top can also be expanded from about 6" all the way up to 10" or more.

The work perfectly with our 6.5" plastic pot (shown here as an example), and any of our larger clear pots and bulb pans.

8" tall with an adjustable ring on top.