6" clear round orchid pot with holes *COMING SOON*

6" clear round orchid pot with holes *COMING SOON*

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*COMING SOON* (late May to mid June 2023)

This new style orchid pot is fabulous.  At 5.9" across the top, 4.3" tall and 4" across the bottom, it's the perfect size for medium sized orchid.  Close to being a squatty bulb pan, but not quite.  

It's nice and study and the sides are full of an even pattern of holes, allowing for excellent air flow around sensitive orchid roots.  The bottom boosts additional slots and holes, along with a raised cone in the center providing the ultimate in drainage.

This style comes in 4.5", 5", 5.5" 6" and 7"... all coming late May to mid June.