four and a half inch clear plastic mesh cone for putting in the bottom of a flower pot
4.5" clear mesh cone for use with orchid repotting to add drainage and aeration
4.5" clear mush cone for use with orchid repotting
4.5" clear round mesh cone to add drainage and aeration for orchid pots
6" green plastic bulb pan with mesh orchid cone in the bottom

4.5" mesh cone for orchid pots

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This 4.5" mesh cone is a super little device that you tuck into the bottom of your flower pot before potting to create a space for air flow and drainage in the orchid root mass.  Turns any regular plastic flower pot into an orchid pot and insures that medium is not compacting as it ages, and smothering delicate orchid roots.

This mesh cone measures 4 3/8" across the bottom (so not quite 4.5") and 2.75" tall.   It's quite sturdy, and because it will be inside a pot where it will not be exposed to sunlight, should remain usable (and reusable) for years to come.    It fits beautifully in the bottom of our 6" bulb pan!