12 inch green plastic bulb pan flower pot
12 inch green plastic bulb pot showing four holes on the bottom
12 inch green plastic bulb flower pot from the bottom showing four holes
sideways view of a 12 inch round shallow green plastic flower pot

12" round green plastic bulb pan

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This 12" green plastic bulb pan is really monumental!  Big and sturdy for your really big spreading orchids.  Perfect because they aren't as deep as a traditional 12" flower pot, so the mass of medium around the roots is less.  This allows the medium to actually dry out between watering, which is important for healthy orchid roots.  It also means less medium, which means less weight.

This bulb pan measures 12" across the top and a smidge over 9.5" across the bottom and 6" deep.  Very sturdy.

My apologies for the exorbitant price on these.. the first batch I got I bought off another greenhouse that was closing, so I suspect I got quite the deal.    Having to buy for real was quite a shock.   Not sure why this size is so much more expensive than the others, but they are big and heavy, so use a lot of plastic, I suppose.