1.5" clear square orchid seedling pot
a hand holding a 1.5" clear square seedling pot
showing the bottom of a clear plastic seedling pot with 8 holes
side and bottom view of a 1.5" square clear plastic orchid seedling pot
tiny tall clear square succulent pot
showing the holes on the side and bottom of a 1.5" clear square orchid and succulent pot
top down view of a 1.5" clear square orchid and succulent seedling pot

1.5" tall clear square orchid seedling pot

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A super tiny, yet tall clear orchid seedling pot.  New to us and perhaps new to you too!

Measuring 1.5" across the top, 3 3/16" tall and 1 3/16' across the bottom (with a slight raised lip at the bottom), this pot boasts a completely clear and smooth design that will let you see what's going on with the roots of your orchid seedlings. The eight holes on the bottom and one on each side ensure optimal drainage and aeration, while the moderate flexibility of the plastic allows for easy handling.  Note that the plastic of this little pot seems to be harder than most plastic orchid pots, and will crack if you squeeze it too hard.   

These pots are also perfect for Lithops (living stones) that happen to have a deep tap root.  

Aren't they just the cutest?