6" Tree Fern Pot

6" Tree Fern Pot
6" Tree Fern Pot
Item# TFPOT6

Tree Fern Pots are great for growing all types of orchids! I like to fill the cavity with sphagnum moss, or coconut husk mix, and put my orchids on top. Roots eventually grow in, through and around the tree fern pot.

They are also excellent for orchids which like to grow naturally (sideways) such as Phalaenopisis gigantea... simply fill the cavity, mount the plant and turn the whole pot on its side for great drainage!

When your plant has outgrown a smaller size tree fern pot, simply purchase a bigger size and plunk the whole kit and kabootle into the next size! No need to repot!

Tree Fern Pots offer good moisture retention, while allowing great air circulation. 6" Tree Fern pot measures 6 inches on the OUTSIDE of the pot. Perfect for the larger orchid seedling, or medium size orchid plant!

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