Medium Coconut Husk Mix (pre-washed!)

Medium Coconut Husk Mix
Medium Coconut Husk Mix
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Coconut Husk is so wonderful for orchids! It's incredible moisture retentive without feeling wet. Take a moist piece in your hand.. it doesn't feel wet... squeeze it and out comes a drop or two of water. Orchids just love this.. they get good air flow around their roots, but are bathed with the moisture being given off. Want to watch your plants thrive? Try them in a little medium coconut husk orchid potting mix!

I wash my coconut husk repeatedly until the disolved salts are about that of tap water. This remove any salts that may burn tender roots (coconut husk is initially processed in sea water). I then combine it with perlite and charcoal in a wonderful mix for many larger rooted orchids, such as Cattleya and Phalaenopsis.

Coconut husk is also a renewable resource, which comes from the otherwise wasted husk of a coconut. It is very long lasting and slow to break down. This means repotting only every 4 or 5 years, instead of every one or two!

Try it.. you'll love it!

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