Physan 20 disinfectant - 8 oz.

Physan 20 disinfectant - 8 oz.
Physan 20 disinfectant - 8 oz.
Item# P208

Physan 20 is a broad range disinfectant, fungicide virucide and algaecide which effectively control a wide variety of pathogens on hard surfaces and plants.

Use in greenhouses, hard surfaces, fountains, pools, birdbaths and plants. I keep jars of water/Physan mix in the greenhouse and soak all my greenhouse tools in between use. This cuts down greatly on the transfer of disease from plant to plant!

I also bathe any newly trimmed orchids, whether leaf trim or root trim for repotting to avoid disease or rot. All seedlings out of flask are watered with a Physan 20/nutrient mix while they are becoming established as well. This greatly increases survival of tender babies!

EPA approved concentrate formulated with unique germicidal agents to provide overall protection for your plants and greenhouses. Poses no human or environmental risk when it is used at recommended use levels and according to label instructions.

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