Orchiata - Precision!

Orchiata #8 Precision - 35L
Orchiata #8 Precision - 35L
Item# ORC8-P

NOTE: because of a wage increase in New Zealand, and shipping issues, the price of Orchiata has gone up a few dollars per bag, and the size of the bag has gone down by 5 liters.

Orchiata Precision

Precision 3-6mm, our smallest chip size used mainly for young orchids or orchids seedlings (from flask).

2 bag (80L) minimum (but you can mix and match sizes) with weight per 35 liter bag between 25 and 30 pounds.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is shipped directly from the distributor, so shipping will not be reflected on your initial order. You will be contacted via email to approve the final shipping costs, which will be separate from the shipping costs of the rest of your order.

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