Fabulous New Tree Fern Mix

New!  Tree Fern & Aliflor Mix
New! Tree Fern & Aliflor Mix
$8.00, 2/$15.00

I've been using a Tree Fern mix like this for my Psychopsis for many years, and just started using it with some of my little weird dendrobium... it's perfect, so I thought it time to offer it to you too!

Mix is made of fine tree fern fiber, small hydroton (aliflor) and extra fine perlite. The tree fern fiber offers good drainage, while the hydroton adds moisture retention. Neither item (or the perlite for that matter) break down, so this mix is perfect for plants who hate to have their roots disturbed in repotting.

For my psychopsis, I simply lift the plant from it's current pot, put a little of this mix in the next size pot up, put the psychopsis down in it and fill in the sides!

For my little dendrobes, most of which are pendant and would prefer being mounted, I put them in rediculously small pots, with this mix, and let the majority of the plant hang outside the pot!

Good stuff! 1 gallon

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