An excellent way to record bloom times!

Flower Record Plant Label
Flower Record Plant Label
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Flower Record Plant Label

A well grown orchid should bloom fairly consistantly on schedule from year to year if growing conditions remain constant. If you can't remember when a particular plant bloomed last, and want to know whether you missed a bloom cycle, and should perhaps look to your culture or the health of the plant, then here is the perfect solution!! A 6" x 1" white plant label designed specifically to keep track of when a plant bloomed, how many blooms it had, and perhaps the quality of the blooms!

On one side there is space for the name and variety of the plant, along with the cross, if it's a hybrid. On the other side is the flower record with space for month, year, flower (count?) and GR... grade? Not sure about that one, though.

Knowing when a particular plant will be in bloom, or should be in bloom, is also excellent if you participate in many orchid show displays, as it will give you a quick inventory of what you might expect to be able to show during any given month!

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