Economy Pots

Economy Pots
New Offering! I got these pots last year, and have been, for some reason, hoarding them for my own use.. it finally dawned on me that if I liked them, then perhaps others would too!

I find these useful for what I consider rather temporary housing of plants. They are thin and dare I say, a little flimsy, but are perfect for short term potting. I use them often for seedlings which are just starting to show signs of robust growth, and will need to be repotted again in 6 months to a year, and also quite often for compots.

They are quite roomy and have a nice rolled lip. They also offer excellent drainage by way of lots of holes and slightly raised areas on the bottom of the pot, which keeps them from sitting flat against a surface.

I do not believe these are UV protected and I don't think they'd hold up to having plastic rhizome clips attached to them, but otherwise, they are actually quite nice.

4" clear round economy pot
I use these little pots for divisions that I plan to give away to my local orchid society auctions, or for things like compots, and seedlings, where I know the plant won't stay in the pot long.

They are lightweight and fairly thin, but sufficient for a more temporary use.
4" clear round economy pot POT4E
5" clear round economy pot
This is a nice medium sized very lightweight pot, great to use for divisions and plants that will either be given away, or will spend a short time in their pot.

I use these often for plants I know I'm going to give away, since the pots are quite economical.
5" clear round economy pot POT5E
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