Stability and Some Moisture Retention!

Coir (shredded coconut husk)
Coir (shredded coconut husk)
Item# COIR

Coir, which is the long fibers of the coconut husk, is excellent for a variety of orchid potting needs. Some people pot straight in the stuff, but most that I've seen use it in wooden slatted baskets to keep plants like Vandas and Ascocendas upright!

It's coarse and stiff, so you can pack it loosly around roots or plant bases and it will offer stability without smothering. It is slightly moisture retentive, but not too much, so is great for roots you want to dry out quickly!

There are probably a bunch of other uses that I can't think of right now... stability in a wooden basket seems to be the favorite!

Comes in a 1 gallon bag.

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