Clear Plastic Orchid Pots

Clear Plastic Orchid Pots
Clear plastic pots are great for all kinds of orchids! Most orchids are epiphytic, so in the wild roots are exposed to sunlight.. why not in the pot? Clear pots are also great for moisture control! It's easy to see when there are still moisture beads on the inside of the pot, or that the middle band of medium is still dark - both telling you it's not time to water!

I also love them for keeping an eye on roots... there is nothing quite so satisfying as seeing big fat green roots meandering around inside the pot.. happy roots mean happy plants!

We have an enormous selection of clear pots - 22 at last count! All are made with UV inhibitor, to assure long life in the sun!

5" clear round rimless pot
These pots are incredible versitile, and offer excellent drainage, with side slits, and a bottom drainage cone, with slits. Being clear, they promote good root growth, and let you see what's happening. They are also great for new orchid growers, as they will let you "see" when the moisture is gone from the pot... makes knowing when to water very easy. No rim.

For quantities higher than 100 please see our "nearly wholesale section".
5" clear round rimless pot POT5R
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