10" bulb pan - white

10" bulb pan - white
10" bulb pan - white
Item# BULB10W

Hubba Hubba.. now here is a pot! 10" bulb pan is 5" deep and sturdy enough for your biggest orchids (well.. maybe not your BIGGEST...). but they're quite sturdy and generous all the way around.

These bulb pans are perfect when your orchids are starting to get really huge, but you don't really want to go up to a full size monster pot. When you start pushing a 10" regular pot, that's alot of medium around orchid roots, and less air flow.

These bulb pans are shallow enough to allow excellent air flow, they are great for orchid that like to spread out, and because they are shallow, they hold less medium, and therefore weigh less as well!

My own "big boys" are going into these, and I hope they'll be happy! I didn't want to start in with the full size 10" pots... they're too huge!

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